In Memory of Michael Crosbie

Maamturks Challenge 2019 – Event Report
April 10, 2019
Maamturks Challenge 2020 – Date Announced
January 17, 2020

2019 marked the 20th Anniversary of the passing of Michael Crosbie, a volunteer from the Galway Radio Club who tragically passed away at the Maamturks Challenge in 1999. Michael was on the Leenane Hill checkpoint on the 24th April, who in appalling conditions remained on station until all walkers had been accounted for. On the descent that night he was fatally injured when he took a fall. He gave the ultimate sacrifice to ensure the safety of the walkers.

Today all checkpoints must descend before darkness and the walk starts earlier in the day, but we still remember Michael and his commitment the participants of the Maamturks Challenge.

We, as organisers of the Maamturks Challenge asked all participants to remember Michael this year. Following the completion of the walk, we held a gathering of volunteers and participants at the plaque dedicated to Michael in Leenane to observe a minute of silence. On the calm evening we had on the 6th, members of the Galway Radio Experimenters Club (GREC) and of the NUIG Mountaineering Club said a few words in memory of Mike and in thanks to his family.

There is some further information about the history of the walk available here: Maamturks Challenge History or you may be interested in watching the documentary produced about the event in 2015 for the 40th Anniversary of the event: Maamturks Challenge Documentary

Cathal Breathnach
Cathal Breathnach
Member of the NUI Galway Mountaineering Club, involved with the Maamturks Challenge since 2013.