First planning meeting of the 42th Maamturks Challenge – 2017

Event Recap – 41st Maamturks Challenge.
April 25, 2016
2017 Date Announced
December 20, 2016

Organizing the Maamturks Challenge is always a year round process. There is always a constant stream of emails and questions coming into the accounts, budgets need to submitted early in the year and recruiting volunteers is always on the eyes of the committee.

However, the formal organizing of the event typical begins in late November , when the current committee of the mountaineering club invite students and alumni to an open meeting. The main aim of the meeting is to elect a sub committee who will work closely with the current committee in organizing the event. The concept of having a sub committee was proposed a number of years ago, when it was decided that the time strain on the main club committee was to great.

This year the meeting was held on the third weekend in the November and chaired by Cathal Breathnach. It started with a generally review of the 2016 event, this included reviewing the participants survey that was carried out for the first time. The generally consensus from the participants suggested a well run event, with was made all the more better by the fantastic weather.

Durning this meeting, students and alumni traditionally propose and debate changes to the event. This year topics such as the fee of the event, hostel for volunteers and website were discussed.

Finally, a sub committee for the 42th event was elected, who will tasked with organizing all details related to the event.

The first task of the sub committee is choosing a date for the event, this involves liaising with local land owners, community resident and businesses as well as our volunteer teams. Once a date has been confirmed , the infromation will be made live on our website.

Fionn Delahunty
Fionn Delahunty
Webmaster for the Maamturks Challenge. Alumni of NUI Galway and previous committee member of the mountaineering club.