23rd November 2017

List of rock climbing training sessions:

Climbing Session Management

Beginner Training Sessions are back on!

Sign up for an available session to the left or else check back soon if they're full for this week.

Climbing award scheme:

In order to be able to climb at the wall for free, you must:

--> Complete two training sessions

--> Successfully pass a climbing assessment

How to book your training sessions:

- Click on an available session you wish to attend in the column on the left.
- Fill out the form, please enter all your details. Your second training session will be the same time and date the follow week
- Click the submit button, and you're Done!

After you have completed your two training sessions, you can attend the wall for your assessment either Thursday or Tuesday (not related to day of session) from 7-8pm only.

The cost of training is €5 each week and another €5 for an assessment.

What you need to bring:
5 euro
Tight fitting trainers
Loose trousers

These sessions are for club members only, to join the club simply add it to your club list on the yourspace website *here*

Full info is available in the *climbing section* of the website