Attention all Users of the Climbing Wall:

Please Note: NUIG Mountaineering Club has access the use of the wall on aTuesday/Thursday evening between 7pm and 10pm Only. These times are for NUIG MC members only. If you want to climb outside of these times as a student/non-student please contact the Kingfisher regarding all climbing.Do not contact the University Sports Unit as they have no responsibility regarding the usage of the wall outside of the club hours outlined above. Thank You.


Joining the Mountaineering Club

All NUI Galway staff, students, and alumni are eligible to join the mountaineering club.

How to join:

  • Full instructions are here

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Club members must note that our outdoor activities are of an extreme nature and can be dangerous. Participants should be aware of these risks and accept responsibility for their own action and involvement. As a result the club committee will make a final call on all decisions regarding involvement in these activities and maintain the right to prevent people participating in an event. If you have any further comments or questions please contact the committee directly at