Joining the Mountaineering Club

All NUI Galway staff, students, and alumni are eligible to join the mountaineering club.

How to join:

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Hiking FAQ (for visiting students)

Hey guys,

Every semester we get a lot of emails from people who are only here for one term and didnt bring hiking gear. So here are the most common questions answered for all to read! Smile


Do i just turn up?

Yep, all you have to do is turn up, we leave from the Archway of the Quadrangle at 10 sharp, being there 15/20 mins early is advisable.

Do i really need boots?
(i left mine at home in America/Canada/Germany /France/etc!)

As regards gear, ankle supporting boots really are essential - workboots would probably be ok. On Sundays you must have suitable boots - unlike hiking in many other countries there are no trails or paths in Ireland - the terrain we cover varies enormously - from marshy bogs to steep bare rock to scree.


Do i really need waterproof trousers?

As regards Waterproof Trousers these are simply trousers made from water proof material which you pull up over your own trousers - they can be bought in many shops in the city starting at about €15.

Please don't wear jeans or cotton trousers, when they get wet they shrink and inhibit movement aswell as allowing rapid heat loss - if you have tracksuit bottoms or something like that it would be ideal.


Buying Cheap boots in Ireland!

For those without boots:

There are 3 shops where you can buy boots/gear in Galway. Most of these should stock boots from €40/50 (€40 for 4 months of Sunday Hikes is totally worth it!Wink).
The 3 shops are Portwest, The Great Outdoors, and Riverdeep Mountain High. All 3 shops give discounts to Club Members.

Look forward to seeing you on Sundays.

The MC committee


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